I was a horrible student as a teenager.   I remember taking Algebra…and failing it when I was in High School.    I saw no use for it.   It wasn’t relevant to my life.  

It didn’t matter if I could solve an equation and tell you what “x” was.  Why?    

Because it didn’t matter to me.    As a high school senior I had determined that I wanted to be a police officer.  I was going to graduate high school….and I was going to major in Criminal Justice.     I just KNEW as a police officer that I would NEVER have to solve an algebraic equation.    I just wasn’t worth doing, in my mind.   Weird how things change…and careers change

I wonder how many people have the same notion when it comes to studying the Bible.      I wonder how many people feel the same way about the Christian life in general.  

Oh..sure……it’s good to sing songs to God on Sunday morning…it’s good to pray on Sunday morning…it’s good to go to church….but is that REALLY supposed to change the way we live every other day of the week?  

We are told that if we trust in Jesus we will go to heaven.   And we will.   Jesus’ death on the cross is the payment that secures our home in Heaven.    If we trust in HIM our eternal destiny is secure.    It’s not even up for debate.      The man that tells you that Jesus is not enough needs to be rebuked.   

But what AFTER that?    Do we simply trust Jesus and then go back to our life?   We trust Jesus…then…..what?  

The apostle Paul considered Jesus to be worth giving up all he knew in life.   He wanted nothing more than to serve God.     When it comes down to it….a Christian’s faith should be more than the 1 time salvation event.  It’s more than simply trusting Jesus once and then going on with life.  

The Christian life is about growing to be more like Jesus every day.  

So the main point today that I want to make:     Keep your eye on the prize.     The passage today assumes something:    That people reading it are people that already KNOW Jesus – they’ve trusted in him and have a saving faith in Him.       AFTER that…God’s Word has something to say about how we should live