Jonah:    The final scene in the movie of this book MIGHT open up showing Jonah lovingly tutoring the people of Nineveh…but no.   It doesn’t show that.    INSTEAD….we see him going out of the city and sitting down to watch from a distance.   He wanted to see what would happen to Nineveh.      

This is kind of  a BIZARRE event…..I mean..we’re all familiar with what happened earlier in the book of Jonah, right?  Before we started on this….we all knew that the story of Jonah was that he was swallowed by a big fish---we’ve heard it in Sunday School and Vacatin Bible School since we were little….That’s no surprise. 

Today…in chapter 4 we see things get a little weird.     

As we jump into the text, I’m reminded of what the theologian, pastor Paul David Tripp says about Jonah:   “Jonah is in the Bible because Jonah is like us”.  

 Jonah is not just a cute story meant to inform us about God…but it should change the way we SEE God and change the way we live our faith.   When we take a good look at Jonah….we should take a look at ourselves as a result.