July 6 2017


Today…we see the Bible talk of Pentecost. Pentecost is a BIG deal in the history of the early church. Today, we see a major event – as the Holy Spirit is given to the church.
The Bible, and the focus of our faith is about Jesus – He is WHY we do church, He is WHY we preach the Gospel, He is the focus of our faith. Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins. If we can trust in HIM we can have eternal life.
And God has chosen us – the church to take that message to the world. But he promised he wouldn’t leave us to our own devices – Jesus promised to send us someone to help. He sent us the third person of the Trinity, The Holy Spirit. Today…we read about that. We see how the Holy Spirit came to the World on Pentecost, and we see some promises of his ministry to come.

Doing the Business of God

I saw an article the other day. The headline read “Can God be glorified in a business meeting?”
Can we glorify God by the simple, mundane task of doing the business of the church? Sometimes it’s about how to do some small thing…sometimes it’s a bigger issue. Is he glorified by the process of naming elders, or deacons, or trustees? I’ve been to church board meetings that went on for far too long. Sometimes, some very trivial things can be hashed over ad nauseum…….
Do we glorify God EVEN in a simple meeting to decide what to do with an issue in the church?
Yes---we can. Today, we see that. The apostles had a decision to make, and we can see how they approached it, and what that said about their attitude toward God.

July 5 2017

Trusting God

Sometimes….we have a tendency, when we read Scripture to think “That was then……” We tend to think that God is not relevant for today. That what was done 2000 years ago……isn’t really important now.
We may think that it’s not relevant to today..because it happened wayyyyyyyyyy back then..and it’s a different world today. That simply is not the case. The Bible IS relevant to us today…it IS something we should look to for information regarding what God expects of us. It can tell us how to live today and how to relate to God.
Today, as we begin to look to the book of Acts….I have a few things to consider. Today’s passage invites us to take a look at the past, at the present, and at the future. This passage sets the stage for us for the book of Acts…and after. This passage is a bit of a transition time. God is going to be moving in a new way in the world, and he has a message he wants his church to take to the world.