February 20 2017

To Die is Gain, to Live is Christ

The thesis for today's message is from Philippians 1:23.    To live is Christ, to Die is Gain.   I'll look at the 2nd clause first...because I think Paul was focusing on the first -- to LIVE for Christ.   The life of a Christian should be marked with a devotion to Christ -- we should want to "Jump right in with both feet" to the Christian life.    Too often, we tend to simply be content with going in tentatively, and mrely testing the waters, but never really giving our whole selves to him.      


Let's open to Philiippians 1 and see what God's Word says.  


February 17 2017

Loving Others for the Sake of the Gospel

What are you willing to suffer for the sake of the Gospel?  Inconvenience?   Hardship?  Persecution?     The apostle Paul encouraged the Philippian church to suffer for the sake of the Gospel.     

Let's turn to Philippians 1 and see what he says:   


February 6 2017

Participating in the Gospel

There is Joy in the Gospel      In the midst of trial…in heartache……there is joy.   

That’s the overall message of Philippians.   Joy.   

Today…we see what Paul has to say about it.  Today…..in the first chapter we read what he has to say about his own sufferings – and how God has worked through it  

Let’s open to Philippians 1:1-11