November 22 2016

Beware False Teachers!

1 Timothy 6:3-10  

A warning about false teachers   

Maybe you’ve been going to church for some time.  Maybe you’ve known Jesus for some time.   Maybe you first heard about the love of Jesus and how he died on the cross for your sins a long time ago.   Maybe you’ve grown up hearing about it…and you’ve been a Christian since you were very young.

Maybe…the idea is old news to you.   Maybe you are starting to wonder if there is something new to it – Is there something MORE to the Gospel besides being saved from our sins.  I heard one preacher say the other day that we have a “benefits package” in the Gospel—just as any employee might have a “benefits package” at their job.    These things might include things like guaranteed healing, or riches…or a number of things.  

But today’s text reminds us that it’s not about that – it’s about Jesus dying on the cross for us.   We need to keep that in mind, and put off all that other nonsense.   


November 16 2016

An Eternal Perspective — Remember the Mission

1 Timothy 6:1-2 talks about slavery.   Some may see this passage as irrelevant to today.  Some may suggest that because the Bible even mentions slavery, it's not something we should adhere to.    There are principles that we can gather from this passage, though.   Let's take a deeper look at it.    




November 7 2016

The Mission of the Church

What is “Church”?   Is it a social experience?  Is it a place?  Is it a gathering that we have once a week?   Is it a club?     What do we consider church?  

The church is made up of you and me, and all believers in Jesus.     It’s not a place—but a group of those that believe.  

The Church exists to glorify God.   It’s why we do church….it’s why we meet on Sunday…it’s why our church is a church.

Did you know that Jesus intended for us to do more than just come to church on Sunday?   He gave us a mission.     He gave us a plan---something to DO while we were on Earth.    He left us a command.     Are we fulfilling that command?    Are we glorifying God, as a church, by carrying out that command?        

This command I refer to is what we call “The Great Commission.”     The Great Commission is a set of verses that we find in Matthew 28:18-20.   In this passage, Jesus has just risen from the dead, and he’s giving some last words—some marching orders to the church.   

Let’s read it:    Matthew 28:18-20

The primary command of the passage is… “make disciples”.     THINK about that for a second…..

The God of the universe has stepped out of Heaven and become man….and he has just died and risen again…and he chose US to go and tell the world.      

So how do we do that?    

To do that….is a 3 part process.    

  • ·        Win people to Christ
  • ·        Build people up in Christ
  • ·        Equip people in Christ     


November 1 2016

Honoring our Leaders

A Christian should honor the Spiritual leaders that God places over them . On the surface…much of the book of 1 Timothy here MIGHT lead one to zone out a bit—after all, it’s giving instructions to a pastor on how to lead a church. It may also appear to be somewhat self-serving for a pastor to preach this message.

But how we view the words of Paul to a young pastor can give us insight into what the people in that local church ought to consider important – and how they should view church, and their leaders.