October 18 2016

God’s Social Welfare Program

A popular theme today in politics….is the idea of welfare…or “entitlements” as some would call it.  There is no shortage of debating over how much the government’s involvement in it is, or how much the government should be caring for the poor, or needy.    

I remember in about 1999 when I was in school for my Associate’s Degree, I wrote a paper in a class I was taking.  I’m not going to get into what my position was regarding the amount of government involvement in this should be……but I remember making a statement that “any church worth its salt should care for the needy”.   

Today….we see Paul addressing the idea.    Today, we see in God’s Word the topic of needy widows.   

LAST week we talked about many of the people in the family of God – today we see a changeover to the topic of older women that had no way to provide for themselves.     In the first century, oftentimes, the culture did not allow for women to own property.   If a man died and left a widow, she would often be at the mercy of others.    She had to learn to rely on other people to help her.         Today…we see that issue addressed in the Scriptures.       

Let’s look at 1 Timothy 5:3-16   


October 11 2016

The Family of God

Today, we look at God's Word tell a young pastor how to relate to certain groups of people.    Represented in that group of people are Older men, Younger men, Older women, and younger women--basically the family of God, and how a pastor ought to treat them, and how he ought to relate to them.      

Let's turn to 1 Timothy 5 and see what God's Word has to say.