September 13 2016

Apostasy is Coming

In the first century, as well as today…there is the problem of people that walk away from the faith.   How do we view it when someone that claims to be a Christian…..just decides to leave the faith?   When a person decides to no longer live a Christian life – to walk away.    

Maybe the person in question just stops going to church…doesn’t have any religion of any kind.  Maybe they decide to follow a different religion.      How do we respond?  What do we think of such a thing? 
What is the SOLUTION to that?       

Today’s text gives us an answer.    

Let’s look at what Paul has to say in 1 Timothy 4:1-5    


The Church

The Setup:     Paul WANTS to visit Timothy but knows he may NOT be able to.    He’s trying to encourage Timothy – saying KEEP to the FAITH---it’s WORTH it.     Be encouraged….keep to the faith.   He's reinforcing the REASON for writing the letter.    

Remember the reason:    The things in this letter to Timothy are NOT just for Timothy's knowledge...this isn't simply Paul's opinion about things.   This is SCRIPTURE -- it's inspired, it's without error, and it's meant to inform us of how to do church.    


September 1 2016

What does the church government look like?

 Civics class – our country has a government – and the different branches of government…..likewise, the Church is an organization – and the local church needs to be organized.  There are rules for organization of the local church – and we see 2 of the offices outlined here in 1 Timothy 3 :   Elders and Deacons  

Why is this important?     It’s important because it shows us that God takes it seriously.   God really IS concerned with the way we worship.   He really IS concerned with what goes on in his church.