August 24 2016

Instructions to men and women

Instructions for worship – relating to men and women     

This passage…..can be a minefield   I recently heard someone say that pastors don’t preach the tough, offensive verses in the Bible…if they did they’d be out of a job on Monday morning.”    Well, guys….today might be one of those passages.     I’ll know how well it’s received if I see a U-haul backing up to the parsonage tomorrow morning.   

In the letter to Timothy…we see Paul addressing young Pastor Timothy on how the church should operate – how the church should function.  Last week we looked at instructions on prayer.    THIS week, he has some more things to say—specifically regarding men and women, and how they conduct themselves in the worship service.    Let’s see what he has to say:   


August 4 2016

Remember the Reason Why You’re There

This letter was written to a young pastor.    It’s part of 3 letters that are commonly referred to as the “Pastoral Epistles”.    These letters are written by Paul to instruct Pastors on how to lead a church.    There is value in studying these letters because they reveal the important things that a pastor, and the church, should be focusing on.      So, as we dive into Paul’s 1st letter to Timothy, let’s prepare for what God would say to his church.   

The background of this letter is that Paul is writing a letter to Timothy reminding him of why he was to remain there.    Timothy was there not of his own will…not because he chose to be….but because God had put him there.    

Likewise, every Christian pastor, every Christian worker….every CHRISTIAN….is where they are because God has PUT THEM THERE.     

So as we begin to look at the things that Paul instructs his young protégé on, let’s look first at the purpose of the church: