March 25 2016

Follow Him?

Today is Palm Sunday.  This day marks the triumphant – the celebration as Jesus enteredJerusalem at the start of the final week of his ministry.    Today….we see him celebrate….but by the endof the week he is scourged and crucified.  He dies a horrible, sinner’s death on a cross.    

Please open your Bible to Matthew 21 and let's see what God's Word says.    


March 13 2016

Is Your Heart Hard?

Warnings.     Warning signs are meant to be paid attention to.  They may come in various forms.     Some simple, some elaborate, some.....strange.     

Today’s text gives us a warning, as well.   We’re warned to consider a previous example, and to NOT make the same mistake that those people did.    Let’s open our Bibles to Hebrews 3.  


March 8 2016

It’s Not What You Do, But Who You Know

They say that most jobs today tend to be filled throughreferrals.  Most companies, it seems,prefer to hire someone that was recommended by someone else, rather than theperson that answers an ad in the paper or on an internet job search site.    Indeed…my first job out of college with adegree in information technology came because the hiring manager was a friendof a friend’s brother.     I had aconnection in the door.     Because ofthat connection, I got an interview and they decided I was worth hiring.    

Christianity is like that, to large degree.    Believe it or not, we get into Heaven…notbased on how we perform, but according to who we know.    

This seems contrary to most of what we know about religion,or what we THINK we know.   Most peoplebelieve that we get to heaven if we are good, if we do certain things,etc…..but that’s not really the case.   

In today’s text, the writer of Hebrews compares Jesus toMoses, the Old Testament prophet and leader of Israel, and the Covenant thatGod made with Moses.    

Let’s jump into God’s Word and see what it says.   

Jesus is Greater than Moses -- and what Moses commanded