February 28 2016


Anyone with a computer, smartphone, or tablet understands the idea of upgrading the operating system.   The laptop computer we use here runs Windows 7.    The one on my desk in the office uses Widows 7.     At home, we have a Windows 8 machine.

All 3 of them keep popping up a message advising me to upgrade them to Windows 10…but I’m leery.    Sure…the new operating system promises all kinds of new bells and whistles…they always say it’s more secure, it’s fast, it’s more functional……but you see, Microsoft has a history of putting out some not-so-great computer systems.   Oftentimes…with these supposed improvements…..comes a lot of bad things, or bugs.      For that reason, I’ve decided NOT to upgrade my computers….at least not for awhile—until the bugs get worked out. 

The bible tells us that human beings are kind of similar.    The first man that ever walked the earth was Adam…..but there were some issues with Adam…and about 2000 years ago, we saw Adam 2.0 come along.    Let’s open up to Hebrews and see what God has to say.  

Hebrews 2:5-18


February 21 2016

Now What?

The last few weeks we saw that Jesus is "Better".   Last week we saw that he is "Better Still".      He's better than all the other religions.   He's better than the Law.   He's better than any man that's ever lived.   He's better than the prophets.      

So now what?   What do we do or think as a result?   Let's look at Hebrews 2 today to see what God's Word says.  

February 18 2016

Better Still


In years past they’ve been a topic for discussion as people have always seem to be fascinated with them.    There are movies made about them, tv shows and books.    I’ve heard stories of people encountering angels.    Sometimes the angels have cryptic messages for them.   Sometimes the angel just provides a help in time of need.  

Many people have carried it to a level of worship – actually trying to communicate to and revere angels.    

Last week, we looked at the first 3 verses of chapter 1 of Hebrews.   We saw that Jesus is “BETTER”, generically.   He’s better than the old covenant, he’s better than any other so-called God.    He’s better than anything else.   Today…we read how he’s better than angels, specifically.


February 10 2016

Jesus is Better

Hebrews 1:1-3

Throughout history….man has been trying to find a way to God.   Whether it’s the Old Testament Law, with people trying to please God by obedience to the Law…..or by other religions of men trying to reach God……man has been trying to please God.   

Today….we launch a new series looking at the book of Hebrews.   The overall message of Hebrews is that Jesus is better.    He’s better than angels…he’s better than any man that’s ever lived.  He’s better than any religion that man has known…better than any sacrifice or covenant.  

Jesus….is BETTER….


February 2 2016

Final Words to the Rest of Us

Last week we saw God’s Word exhort Pastors, and Elders.    The message that Peter is giving is that we should be faithful to the charge that God gave us – to shepherd the flock and to teach the Gospel.   

Today….we see what Peter has to say to another group of people in the church:  Young people.    We could REALLY apply the message here to all younger people in the church…or I might suggest to even an older person who may be young in their faith.

Let's turn to 1 Peter 5