December 29 2015

You want ME to Submit??

As we get back into 1 Peter…..let’s remember where we are.     Chapter 3, Peter is telling us to submit.     It starts out with wives being told to submit to their husbands as the Spiritual leader, and husbands being told to live with their wives in love.    All of us are to submit to each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.   We are all supposed to submit to the world – and be willing to put up with injustice and poor treatment.   

Today……..we see Peter kind of summing it up.      There’s a reason, he says….for why we should put up with suffering and injustice…and in today’s text….we see why.      This is kind of an interesting text today, and it’s caused no shortage of questions from people in reading it.    But in the end, there’s a simple point that we can come away with.    


December 20 2015

The Peace of Christ

Today in the 4th Sunday of Advent, we think about Peace.    The Peace of Christ.    Peace not just for this life…but Peace with God.  

Peace To Men - that was the promise of that first carol.

Read Luke 2:1-14


December 15 2015

What is Joy?

On this 3rd Sunday of Advent, we are talking about Joy.    Oftentimes, we think of Joy as something that makes us happy.   But…what is JOY?   Why do we sing “Joy to the World”?    What is so joyful?      What does this mean?   What IS Joy?    In the first century….it was joy at the promise of the Messiah coming….of the one that would save us from our sins.        It’s more than just happiness, though…it’s about more than that.   

Let's open up Philippians to chapter 4 and see what Paul has to say about Joy.    


December 8 2015

The love of Christ


Many people say different things about what love is.   Is it merely romantic attraction?   A familial bond?   What is it?    
As a child of the 80's, I grew up listening to the ol' bard Huey Lewis.    Mr.  Lewis had some interesting things to say about Love.   But I don't believe even he understood what true love is.     Today, we go to Romans 5 to see what true love is.