October 25 2015

Christians in Society

Submission – a hallmark of the Christian life.   This is a major theme going forward in 1 Peter. 

  • Submission to the government
  • Submission to our masters
  • Wives….and Husbands  submitting to each OTHER  
  • All of us – submission to each other as we live lives in submission to Jesus 

Submission is the opposite of pride and selfishness.   Instead of thinking of ourselves…we are called to think of others.   


October 20 2015

Longing for our Home

The Wizard of Oz.    It's an American Icon--and pretty much everyone in America knows the movie.   

Throughout the movie…the lead character Dorothy is on a quest to find her way home.   That’s her overriding mission – to go home.   Remember how it ends?     Dorothy clicks her heals together and repeats a mantra…….

“There’s no place like home…..There’s no place like home…….there’s no place like home….”  

Home should ALSO be where we long to be. But with all due respect to our neighbors just to the south of us……I don’t mean Kansas.    I mean Heaven.     In God’s Word today we read Peter’s admonition to seek look to our Heavenly home.    

We are commanded to live as aliens.   


October 12 2015

Who we are in Christ

God has established the church as his people – and he is using us to proclaim salvation through Jesus Christ to the world.   Peter is writing this letter to Christians – specifically Jewish Christians.    He draws some comparisons with how God treated Israel….and is now treating the Church.     He has some things to say about our faith – and how we are blessed.    It is our privilege to proclaim these blessings to the world.       In 2 short verses today, God has packed a lot of information in.   Let’s take a look:    


October 4 2015

Grow Up and Join the Priesthood

Imagine what you wanted to be when you grew up.    Maybe you wanted to be a police officer….maybe a fireman.   Maybe a teacher, or a nurse.    For awhile I wanted to be a teacher….then a police officer.   I thought I’d like being a firefighter for awhile.      Whatever you wanted to be….I am betting that a priest was not one of them.   But in God’s Word today, we are going to see that we should all strive to be priests…not as a vocation….but as a result of our faith.    

Let’s open our Bibles to 1 Peter 2 and take a look.