September 30 2015

Loving Hope

Quick note:   Throughout the sermon today I referred to Paul as writing this letter.    I SHOULD have said "Peter".   This is Peter's letter, and he wrote it.    

Today, we see Peter conclude the first chapter of the letter by his name.   He wrote about hope.    How we can trust in Christ, and he is our hope.   He then explained how hope is to be lived out in holy lives, and today he is going to explain how it should also influence our lives to love one another.        
Let's dive into 1 Peter 1 and see what Peter said.   

September 20 2015

Living our Hope

We’re going to be looking at 1 Peter 1, beginning with verse 13 today.  I want to point out the first word in today’s text.     Notice it?   It says “therefore”.    The NIV and ESV both say “Therefore”, the KJV states “Wherefore”.      When you see that word in Scripture…the FIRST thing you should do is go back to look at the several verses before it.   

The chapter is talking about hope.    It’s because of Jesus that we have hope.  It’s because of HIM that we are citizens of Heaven.   So today….Peter has some things to say regarding how we should live our lives REFLECTING that hope.  

Last week we talked about hope.   It’s because of Christ dying on the cross for us that we have hope.   Our hope is not of our own….our hope is in Christ.   


September 16 2015

The Hope of Christ

Recently I heard someone say something to the effect of "If I make it to Heaven."    We've all heard jokes, stories,cartoons about people standing at the gate of heaven, waiting to get in, while Peter is there opening the books on their life.   Oftentimes, Peter is portrayed as making a judgment call to decide if a person qualifies to enter heaven.    

The good that such a judgment does not exist for a Christian.   We are either "IN", or we are not -- and it's not based on what we do.   It's based instead of WHO we know.  Today's text has something to say regarding this.   Let's take a look at 1 Peter, Chapter 1.   

September 9 2015

This is My Father’s World

There are a lot of things to worry about and to be scared about in today’s world.   We’ve got people beheading Christians overseas.    In America here, we are seeing an increasing hostility toward Christians….with a county clerk being sent to jail because she would not violate her Christian faith.    In other areas, lawsuits are being filed against Christian pastors for refusing to conduct same sex weddings.   

Any way you look at it….Christianity is being attacked.   I want to take a look at 1 Peter in the coming weeks today to see where God is declaring that HE is in control and HE will accomplish his well.  

Today…we will be on 1 Peter 1.     Let’s turn there.