July 27 2015

Pride or Humility?

I recall an old joke.    "The thing I am most proud of is my sense of humility."   Maybe you need to think about that one for a minute.    

Pride.    We teach our kids to have pride.   We should have pride in ourselves.   We’re told we’re supposed to have pride in what we do.  Have pride in what we are.   Pride is a good thing, isn’t it?      Or is it better to have the opposite of pride – humility?      Today, we look at Judges 12 to see where pride cost a lot of lives.     Let's open up our Bibles to Judges 12 and see.   

July 19 2015

A Hasty Vow

In recent years, Hollywood has taken some Biblical stories and they’ve made movies and tv shows out of them.   I’ve watched a few, and been frustrated by them, as they never seem to stay true to the story.  They always add in some things to try to make it more exciting….or they even CHANGE things……

Today’s text…might make for an interesting movie if someone were looking for an interesting one….so let's open up to Judges 10-11 and see what the story of Jephthah and a hasty vow can tell us today.    


July 14 2015

What Will be on Your Tombstone?

There is a series of television commercials where a credit card company asks the question:   “What’s in your wallet?”    The point is to make you think about what whether or not you are carrying the credit card that would give you the most benefit.     This week I want to challenge you to think about something even more important:    What will be on your tombstone?   

Instead of remembering how we die….maybe we should hope that our tombstones say something good about how we LIVED!    What will future generations remember you for?    What SHOULD a future generation remember a man or woman of God for?    Today, we look to the text at a couple of men that led the nation of Israel.  Let’s take a look at what is said about them:  


July 7 2015

The Bramble King

In Sunday School, we usually hear of Saul as being the first King of Israel.    But long before Saul, there was, in fact, a man that ruled as king of Israel for a short time.    Last week we heard about how Gideon’s son, Abimelech took the throne as king after Gideon’s death.   His rule didn’t last long – only a few years.    He was not put on the throne by the anointing of God, though.   He was seen more as a bad judge than as a good king.  Abimelech ascended the throne through sin, he continued to do more sin, and eventually he died as a result of his sinful life.   Today, we read about his reign, and fall from the throne.