June 28 2015

To Be King

God wanted to be Israel's King, and Israel to be his people.    Gideon seemed to understand that, but after Gideon died his son Abimelech decided otherwise.   He wanted to be king, and he took the throne.   Let's look at how that happens in today's text.  

Please open your Bible to Judges 9.    

June 21 2015


Know what this is?   When I bought a used pickup truck, I didn’t have a spare tire for it.    Rather than risk getting stranded, I put this in the truck to use for an emergency.   You can use this to plug a leak air up a tire to “get by” to the next service station.    It’s not a permanent solution.     It’s not intended to be permanent.   In time….the “fix” that you do by using this will wear down…and you will have a flat tire again.    In fact….the back of the can states that it is only good for “about 3 days or 100 miles”.        It doesn’t change anything long-term.    

Likewise…today we’re going to see what happens when we look to short-term fixes for long-term problems. In today’s text, we finish reading about Gideon….about how God used him to deliver the Israelites in the short-term.   Unfortunately….it was ONLY a short-term fix.    But there is a long-term solution they missed….and one that many religious people today miss, as well.        


June 17 2015

Don’t Miss the Forest for the Trees

Figures of speech? 

·        “Hit the road” 

·         “Raining cats and dogs” 

·        Missed the forest for the trees.


Don’t we all do that sometimes?    How easy is it to miss something because we’re looking at the wrong thing?   All too often…we read the Bible and we may read an entire chapter…..and miss the obvious part of it.   We look for hidden meanings in the text….instead of just reading it.     Instead of reading Revelation and seeing that God wins in the end….we read Revelation and we try to figure out all the hidden clues about the future that God has done for us…

God:    Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the Law, obedience to the law won’t save us.   

Let’s look at Colossians 2:8-17