May 31 2015

Angry Ephraimites

This sermon is entitled “Angry Ephraimites”.   You might just say…what’s an “Ephramite”?       An Ephraimite is a person from the ancient Israelite tribe of Ephraim.   And in today’s text, we will see some angry Ephraimites.   In chapter 7, we’ve just seen Gideon used by God to accomplish a great military victory.   Using 300 men, God sent over 100,000 enemies running in fear, fighting against each other. This was a great victory for Israel over their Midianite oppressors.    But in the midst of all of this, we see a problem:   there were some that were not happy with the way things had gone.   There were some that felt they hadn’t been involved the way they wanted to.  

Let's turn in our Bibles to Judges 8.   


May 24 2015

The battle belongs to the Lord

Remember where we stand?    The reluctant judge Gideon has been confronted by God and he tore down his father’s altars to the false Gods.   Rather than being punished, or attacked for his actions….the people of his clan and his tribe looked up to him for it.    He became a bit of a leader in Israel.    Then, God revealed to him that he was going to be used to deliver Israel….and…. he promptly tried to get OUT of it by asking God to jump through some hoops to PROVE that God was REALLY going to use him in this way.  

Remember that?   He laid the fleece out on the floor…and said “If the fleece is wet and the floor isn’t…..Then he laid it out again the next night and said “If the fleece is dry and the floor is wet….?      

Now that they’ve gotten that out of the way….it’s time to get down to business….

We must remember that the battle belongs to God.   


May 17 2015

Decisions Decisions

How do we know what we should do in life?   When a tough decision comes up and we need to decide what to do….how do we decide?    
Have you ever known someone that just can’t decide what to do?  You ask them what they’re doing next month…..and they just can’t give you an answer?   You invite them to dinner, or to go somewhere….and they don’t know?    Maybe they have trouble making decisions on important decisions in life and they just drag out the decision for days, weeks, months……Have you ever struggled with knowing what it is that God wants of you, or what he expects you to do.    How do you know?    How do you figure that out?    

Today, we are going to see Gideon ask God for clarification on something.  He has some doubts and he is going to confront God with some questions before he takes the next step.      I want to take a moment today and look at how he did it….and whether or not we should do the same type of thing when we attempt to discern God’s will.   

May 12 2015

Gideon the Mighty Warrior, I Presume?

Are you a Coward?   Or a Challenger?   When you encounter the forces of evil, do you cower in the corner?   Or do you challenge evil?   In this week's text we look at Gideon, who started out as a coward. After encountering God, he becomes a Challenger--and he took a stand for God.    How does this relate to the walk of a Christian today?    Let's take a look at Judges 6.      


May 3 2015

God Saves

Have you ever heard the phrase “You made your bed, now lie in it”?    The point is that oftentimes…we’re the only ones to blame for the mess we’re in.   We got ourselves into the mess….and we have to get ourselves out of the mess.  

In today’s text, we see Israel in YET ANOTHER mess.   Yet a NEW generation of Israelites stray s away from God….and they cause grief for themselves.    Now….they’re stuck, and they don’t know what to do…so they do the old standard:  They cry out to God.    

Let’s read what happens.  Open your Bibles and let's turn to Judges 4