April 26 2015

Ehud and the Fat Man

As we continue to look at Judges…we are going to look at another little-known judge today.   Last week we looked at Othniel….this week it’s Ehud.   There is not a LOT of text devoted to him today…..only 18 verses.     IF we were to look at a list of highlights in the book of Judges…most people would not necessarily pick Ehud.     But what we see from this story DOES have something to say to us today about God, his relationship to man, and about our ownselves.  

Let’s take a look.   Please open your Bible and turn with us to Judges 3.    


April 19 2015

Dance With the One that Brung Ya!

"Dance with the one that brung ya."     The phrase applies to many areas of life:  sports, politics, business, relationships.   It means that you do not forget the one that got you to where you are.   Ancient Israel forgot to "dance with the one that brung" them time and time and time again.   God rescued them from slavery, brought them out of Egypt, fed them, gave them fresh water, etc....And they forgot him time and time again to go worship the false gods of the surrounding nations.   

Let's see what the story of the 1st Judge of Israel, Othniel, and what the story can say about our own Christian walk.   
Turn in your Bibles to Judges 3, please.   

April 7 2015

The Road to Emmaus

After the events of the resurrection, the disciples were disappointed, shocked, lost, and heartbroken.   They didn't know what was going on, just that their hope for a Messiah had died.    In Luke 24, we read of 2 men on the road to Emmaus.   On their walk, they are discussing the events of the last few days, trying to process them.     On their journey, they Jesus and they discuss all that has happened, and what the future holds.   Let's take a look at their conversation today.