March 29 2015

King Jesus

Jesus is the King -- Coming to rescue sinners

I want to take you back to a time about 2000 years ago….Imagine the city of Jerusalem, in about 36 AD or so….there are all sorts of people in town for a special time.     
  • There was a huge mass of humanity – Josephus, a Jewish historian of the time, said there was about 2.7 million in the area
  • Sounds of “Hosanna”…..”Hosanna”….”Hosanna”……growing louder……people are cheering for a coming king
  • Imagine being part of that crowd…….a man comes running “He’s here!!!!!!    He’s here!!!!!”    The Prophet is coming!      The man who raises the dead is coming!    Hurry!     Jesus is coming!”   
  • Lying on the ground are palm fronds……marking the ancient equivalent of a red carpet….such as when a conquering general returned from battle to be honored with a parade       
  • Who is coming?   Is it a great king on a white stallion?    No….it’s a man…nothing special about him…..riding a young donkey.        It’s Jesus.       

March 22 2015

What a Church Should Value

Before I get into today's message notes:  We are a real church.  We have real people in our real church. We praise God for the fact that it also includes young couples with young kids.  If you've been listening for any amount of time, you might have noticed this in the past.   Today it might be a bit more obvious, but that's ok.  I love seeing them here, and I hope you enjoy hearing them, as well.    

Having said that.....
Today…..we wrap up the book of 1 Corinthians.    In this last chapter, Paul is starting to give his closing remarks.   He has a few last words to say to the Corinthian church…about his coming plans, his values, and his hopes.      Let’s look at what Paul values:    

March 17 2015


I want to start off by saying that in 2.5 years of being here….I don’t recall preaching a sermon on giving.    I’m not one of those pastors that preaches on money very often.   To be honest, I believe the best way for a pastor to preach is to go verse by verse through a book in the Bible.    In the past couple of years, I’ve preached through Ephesians, James, John, and now 1 Corinthians.   I believe that I need not spend more time on a particular topic than God did.    If the passage in question is not about money….then I really shouldn’t be preaching about money.     We could say the same thing about ANY other topic…be it relationships, sexuality, alcohol, etc…etc…..

So…because of that…I really haven’t preached about money.    I just really haven’t come to a passage that was really about it.    But today that is going to change.     As we walk through 1 Corinthians we see Paul addressing the topic of giving.     


March 10 2015

When We All Get to Heaven

We’ve been looking at some teachings in this chapter regarding the resurrection.    The resurrection of Christ…and of what happens to US when we die.       Last week I was just getting into the idea that our bodies are mortal.   We’re all weak, and destined to die.   We were created from dust….and someday when our bodies die….we will return to that dust.     We had a very timely illustration of the weakness of these earthly bodies!    We praise God that Jakki is ok, and all is good.      But the point is…eventually we will pass on from this world.   While our bodies will be put into the earth…..our Spirits will not be.     We will go to 1 of 2 places…..Heaven, or Hell.    

We know that Jesus was on earth about 40 days after he rose from the dead.   In this time he appeared to and taught the disciples.
After about 40 days, he ascended into Heaven, which we read about in Acts 1:8-9.   
But someday….it is promised, he will return to Earth.    Today….the text we are looking at talks about this event.   When he does, we believe that something called the “Rapture” occurs.    Perhaps you’ve heard this term….maybe not.    

Maybe you’ve seen a bumper sticker like this:         And you’re thinking…..”What in the wooooooorld? “    
We’ll get into that, and more as we look at today’s text…so let’s dive in.    

March 4 2015

No podcast this week

There will be no audio this week.    Due to some extenuating circumstances, the audio for the sermon this week was interrupted, and there is no available message to post.   We will be back next week!