November 23 2014

The Holy Spirit

The Corinthian Church in the 1st Century had a lot of problems.    They were filled with division, arguments, lawsuits, immorality….

They had questions about marriage, food that had been sacrificed to idols, worship, the Lord’s Supper, the Resurrection, giving, and……what we’re talking about today:   Spiritual gifts. 

In Corinth there were some people that claimed superiority based on their favorite teacher, their social status, and even the Spiritual gifts they claimed to possess.      Sadly….this same thing holds true today.    It’s not at all uncommon to hear of a church that divided over the issue of Spiritual gifts.    

John MacArthur said "No local congregation will be what it should be...until it understands spiritual gifts.  ("The Church", page 136) 

Today we are taking a look at who the Holy Spirit is, His ministry, and his role in the church.     Next week we will go more in depth looking at the spiritual gifts. 


November 16 2014


God desires authentic worship.    In chapter 11 of 1 Corinthians, we see Paul giving some instruction regarding one area of worship -- the Lord's Supper.     The way we celebrate it, and how we approach it can have a big impact on how we worship.   Let's look at what Paul has to say.    


November 9 2014

Headship and Submission

I was watching a television show the other day.  In this show, a man was helping a struggling restaurant owner try to turn his business around.    In the course of the show, the consultant made it clear that whatever happened – HE was in charge.     No one else.     His word was law.   Well… would have to happen in a good tv show, there was conflict.      The struggling business owner refused to allow him to lead, and the employees didn’t know who to look to.   As a result, they had a lot of issues.    The problem, as anyone who has ever been put in a position of leadership knows……is that you can ONLY have one chief.      If you have 2 people calling the shots…..inevitably, it’s going to cause conflict.    

Today, we see a little bit of what God has to say about HIS way of organizing the family, and the church.    Paul is going to write about the issue of Headship and Submission.   


November 2 2014

To the Glory of God

What is the meaning of life?  Throughout the ages, THIS has been the question to ask.      So…..where do we look for the answer?     
Maybe a book store?    Or online book seller     

Douglas Adams, a British author wrote a series of books, beginning with “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” where HE gave us HIS idea of the answer…

So what shall we say?     

Today’s text answers this question.     We will see Paul work through an argument….and with all due respect to Mr. Adams…’s NOT 42.   
To get there….we must FIRST ask ANOTHER question:   Which side are you on?      Join us today as Paul ponders this question.