October 26 2014


Nine-year-old Nooruddin was pushing his cart and selling vegetables in the streets of Kabul, not too far from his grandfather’s house. Suddenly there was a blast–as he puts it “a dreadful bang of explosion”.

Nooruddin was knocked to the ground and he felt this intense pain in his legs – except as he looked more closely his right leg was gone.

Every year about 15,000 people are killed or wounded by landmines. Many of them are children and women. And many, if not most, of the landmine incidents occur after a war.

For instance, Afghanistan is the most densely mined country in the world right now. But those mines are not from the current conflict. They’re left over from previous wars.

The stories the same around the world – Angola, Cambodia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Mozambique, the former Yugoslavia. The wars are over but the landmine danger remains.

The same is also true in our walk with Christ.

The battle has been won. Christ was raised from the dead – sin and death defeated. But there are still leftover landmines buried in the ground, waiting to destroy the unsuspecting pedestrian.

To the Christian…the question of salvation is settled – the ticket is punched…and we are going to heaven.   This isn’t a question of IF we are going to heaven…The Christian is going to go to heaven.   But our attitude about hitting these landmines CAN still have a lot of impact in our day to day Christian life.  And perhaps your attitude about them can be an indicator about whether or not you have a true faith. 


October 19 2014

Free or Not Free

We have certain rights as American Citizens.  We have basic rights as human beings.   We have rights as Christians.    But sometimes....in the interest of the greater good, we willingly give up our rights.     The apostle Paul willingly gave up his rights as an apostle for the greater good -- to preach Christ.    Let's look at what he has to say regarding this in 1 Corinithians 9.   


October 12 2014

The Gray Areas

I like to hunt.   If you guys haven’t figured that out by now….I like to go sit in a blind and shoot animals.    Earlier this year, my daughter and I sat in a Hunter’s Safety Course so she can go with me.    I remember the instructor telling us that even though you shot that animal legally…..even though you did everything right…everything legal…..sometimes it’s not a good idea to go and brag about it to the wrong person.     He suggested that maybe strapping it to the hood of the car, or up on the luggage rack, or even in the open bed of a pickup truck MIGHT cause a person that dislikes hunting to have bad thoughts about hunting.    

“Why should I care”, is my first thought to that……I mean…should I CARE about the opinion of other people?     After all…I’m WELL-WITHIN my rights, aren’t I?    So what if there is blood dripping down the back of the van as I drive down the road?    So what if it scares a young kid as I’m heading to the check-in station?  

But is that the attitude to have?    Or maybe I should be a little more concerned about what others think…..

Believe it or not…the Bible has some instruction on this very sort of thing.   Let’s see what the Bible has to say as we dive into 1 Corinthians 8.     


October 5 2014

What does that look like in real life?

I used to have a manager whose favorite saying regarding a topic was “what does that look like”?   When we would be discussing a project we were working on…..he would say “what does that look like?”.   He would challenge us to think ahead and picture what the finished product was….because only then could we know if we were on track to accomplish our goals.  

Let’s ask this about the Christian life.    “What does that look like?”         What does it mean to live a Christian life?     What does it mean to be a Christian?     

You could say all that’s required is simple faith…but that faith might change you in huge ways.