September 28 2014

Till Death Do We Part

Marriage is something that has been in the news a lot lately.     It seems like the institution of marriage is in decline among Christians and non-Christians alike.     The topic of what marriage is, is also up for discussion -- be it 2 men, 2 women, 1 woman, 1 man, or 1 man, and many women even.      Today, Paul is going to address the topic of marriage. Let's open our Bibles and look at 1 Corinthians 7.   


September 21 2014

The Question to Ask

It can be said today that one of the things that the Christian church lacks today is the idea of purity.     Oftentimes, the Christian today looks like and acts like everyone else around them.      Christians today divorce at the same rate as non-Christians.   Just as many Christian use pornography as non-Christians.   Christians abuse alcohol and drugs often at the same rate as non-Christians.   

Recently, I saw on Facebook something saying "A dirty mind makes for more interesting conversations".    Now…to my knowledge, the person that shared this doesn’t claim to be a Christian….but it’s amazing how many Christians do kind of chuckle at something like this, and maybe share that with a friend.    It’s seen as something kind of cute or, dare I say……”good” to have a dirty mind.      Oftentimes, even among Christians, you’ll hear a dirty joke being passed on, or a joke being shared that would make a sailor blush.       

Why is that?     Is that something you think God wants from you?   Is that something that would be considered by God to be a “good thing”?      

Christianity is not about doing good in order to please God and someday hopefully get to heaven.     If you’re a Christian—if you’ve trusted Christ for the forgiveness of your sins…your ticket is already punched—you’re going to be with God in heaven someday.   A Christian is instead called to honor God with our lives for a different reason.        Let’s look at what Paul has to say to the Corinthians today.    


September 14 2014

See You in Court!

We live in a very “litigious” society.   What I mean is….we like to sue.   We, as Americans, like to go through the court system to get what we want.    

Next time you get a cup of coffee from McDonalds…take a second and check out the warning on the cup.   This warning is there because of Stella Liebeck. 

Maybe you recall the story of Stella Liebeck.   In February 1992 Ms. Liebeck ordered a cup of coffee to go from McDonalds. She was sitting in the passenger seat of her nephew’s car, which was pulled over so she could add sugar to her coffee. While removing the cup’s lid, Liebeck spilled her hot coffee, burning her legs. It was determined that Liebeck suffered third degree burns on over six percent of her body.  Originally, Liebeck asked for $20,000 in damages.

Liebeck was ultimately awarded $200,000 in compensatory damages, which was reduced to $160,000 because she was found to be twenty percent at fault. She was also awarded $2.7 million in punitive damages.  

In 20 years…..not a lot has changed.     In April of 2011 there were 1,225,000 licensed attorneys in the United States.    A 2012 survey determined that 58 million people in the US had looked for an attorney in the past year.    Think about that…..we have about 300 million people in this country—so 1 in 6 people were looking for an attorney.

Yes, folks….we are indeed a very litigious society.   

Let's see what the apostle Paul has to say about Lawsuits among Christians.    


September 7 2014

If It Feels Good, Just Do It!

We’ve all seen undisciplined children.    We have been to the grocery store and seen that child that is COMPLETELY UNDISCIPLINED.     Or how often have you thought to yourself “Wow, that kid needs some WISDOM put to his backside!”?        We’ve all seen the teenager and young adult that has never been told “No” in life.       Instead, he might hear simply “If it feels good, do it”.     Or “if you want it…you can have it”.    We call a child that was given everything in life “spoiled”.    The notion is that by not ever training a child to prepare him for life….and disciplining him to reinforce that training, he grows up to be completely unable to deal with the realities of life.   Just as a piece of fruit left out too long begins to rot and is “spoiled”, being worthless and inedible, a “spoiled” child finds out that he does not have the necessary life skills to succeed.    In the real world, the young adult that succeeds is the one that learned the skills necessary to be a productive member of society—such as a good work ethic and a marketable life skill.     

Loving discipline on a child can train him up to be a benefit to society, and not a hindrance.    

I believe it’s the job of a pastor to preach the Bible.    That means that we preach the parts we really like….as well as the parts that are a bit uncomfortable.   Today….we get to a part that is maybe a bit uncomfortable.     We’re talking about the idea of discipline within the church.      Sometimes, children of God need to be disciplined.   Just like disciplining a child benefits society…..discipline among the church members directly benefits the members and the church.   Today, we’re going to see the apostle Paul address the topic.  

We already know from the first few chapters of 1 Corinthians that there were a lot of problems within this church.   We know that there were some issues that needed to be corrected.     Paul is going to address one such idea here, in chapter 5.