August 31 2014

The Syllabus

When I was in college, the first class of the semester was always the time that the professor would pass out the syllabus.    The syllabus was a document explaining what the class was about, it's scope, the professor's responsibilities and how he would determine our grade.   It also included what was expected of a student -- what we needed to do, when assignments were due, what textbooks we needed, etc.   For the rest of the semester, if we had any questions, we could go and reference the syllabus.   

Today, we are reading in 1 Cor 4.   Paul is going to give a "syllabus" of sorts to the Corinthians.   He's going to discuss his responsibilities to God and them, and their responsibilities as Christians.     
Open up your Bible and listen in as we take a look at it.   

August 24 2014

What is true wisdom?

What is wisdom?   Is it having a Phd in a particular field?    Is it having multiple degrees?   Is it having years of experience in a particular field?    When I got out of school years ago with an Associate's Degree in Computer Programming I was ready to take on the world, thinking I would have a job immediately making lots of money.   I had to learn that it took more than an education to be able to be a successful computer programmer, though.   Likewise, it takes more than worldly intellect to be considered wise in God's eyes.      

Join us for a look into 1 Corinthians 3:18-23 and we'll see what the apostle Paul has to say about wisdom.   

August 17 2014

Act your Age!

I was having a conversation yesterday with a couple of people.    We were talking about how previous generations seemed to grow up faster.   For example, by the time my dad was 23, he was married and had a child.  He was farming on his own, and had just completed a major electrical upgrade in his barn.    He didn’t think twice about tackling a big project.    One of the gentlemen I was talking to related the story about how someone he knew had his own herd of cattle at age 18 and put himself through college with the proceeds.  

Contrast that to today’s world.    Today, it’s not uncommon for a 25 year old man to get out of college and continue to live with his parents, as he might have $100,000 in debt or more.    It’s legal today for him to remain on his parent’s insurance policy until the age of 26.     While 150 years ago, a young couple might be readying for marriage at 16….. it’s  now becoming less and less common to get married before the age of 30.    

Why is it that age is becoming less and less an indicator of maturity?    We can no longer assume that someone that has reached a certain age is mature.   

In the Christian world, as well, it’s a fact that the amount of time that has passed since someone first trusted Christ is not necessarily a good indicator of Spiritual maturity.   Someone may have been a Christian for 20 years and not have the level of maturity as someone MUCH younger than them.   

Today, we will read how the apostle Paul is going to address this in his letter to the Corinthian church.  

** Apologies for the sound quality.  I tried a new microphone this week with bad results **


August 10 2014

What Makes a Great Preacher?

One thing I like to do is to listen to sermons of other preachers.   In this day of the internet that we live in, there are multitudes of sermons available to download and listen to for free.  In fact, did you know this church has it’s sermons available to download?   We also have CD’s available for past sermons if you’d like to borrow them.    

But what makes a great preacher?     Some guys are really fiery!   Some are maybe a bit more monotone and it sounds like a history lecture.    Some like to use fancy technology….others don’t even use a microphone.    Some guys may go on and on, preaching for hours….my Lutheran Father-In-Law has told me that I should be able to say what I need to in 10 minutes or less.    

Whatever your view on these issues, the apostle Paul gives us some things to think about in our passage from 1 Corinthians 2.


August 5 2014

The Answer

The foolishness and weakness of God is better than man's strength or wisdom.     To someone that values strength......Christ willingly gave himself up on the cross is not a stumbling block....but is actually great power.      To someone that values wisdom.....Christ dying on the cross is not's the most intelligent thing one can believe in.   Listen in as we examine 1 Corinthians 1:18-31