July 27 2014

Are We “On Mission”?

When I worked as a computer programmer, we had to clearly define our project goals.    When we didn't, we sometimes would try to add things to the project, often times causing the finished product to look nothing like the original plan.     We would call this "scope creep".     It usually resulted in a less polished and tested product, it was usually over budget, and would take longer than originally intended.   Not only were the customers unhappy, but the manager was usually unhappy, as well.     

Are we, as the church, experiencing "scope creep"?    Are we adhering to the stated mission of the church?    Let's look at 1 Corinthians 1:10-17.  

July 20 2014

Unity in the Church

Today we start a new series on 1 Corinthians.   The church in Corinth was broken in many ways.  May of the problems that they had can be seen in modern Christianity today.    There is a lot to learn from how Paul addressed these problems.    Today, we look at the first chapter of 1 Corinthians, and see what Paul had to say about unity.     


July 15 2014

See, Hear, Understand

We close out the Book of Acts today.    Paul rebukes the Jewish leaders in Rome for being hard-hearted, dull of hearing, and blind to not see the Gospel.   If they would only hear God calling out to them, and repent....they can be saved.   Truth be told, we are all like that -- without God calling us to him, we are all hard-hearted, dull-hearing, and blind.     

Is Jesus calling out to you today?    Do you see?    Do you hear?    Do you REALLY hear the Gospel?         Understand today what Jesus did for us and be free.    

July 6 2014

Under Construction

Jesus is at work building his church.   He was building his church in the first century and he still is.    As we look to the text today we explore what God was doing in the midst of a storm, and how he provided for his people.    We can also think about how God is providing for his church today.   Listen in as we think about how God is still building his church today.