June 30 2014

The Power of God at Work

Jesus is building his church.   He was actively building his church in the 1st Century, and he is still at work building his church.    In Acts 27, we read how God intervened in the storm, saving lives from a shipwreck as Paul is on his way to Rome.     He's still working in the church today--using us to reach the lost.     Listen in as we look to the text.  


June 15 2014

To Caesar You Will Go!

In Acts 25-26, the Apostle Paul gives his testimony to a governor, and to a King.   We can be encouraged to share our faith the same way Paul boldly proclaimed the Gospel of Paul to all men.  


June 8 2014

The Drama Unfolds

Today we look at Acts 23:12-24:23 --  God is at work in the church to spread his message of the Gospel.   Sometimes he works in big ways, sometimes he works through small things.